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Maker Of Things

Process is the name of the game.

Video Production & Freelance Shooter

What I've been up to.

Check out my latest reel, a small sample of recent work

Some favorite stills

I started in the darkroom with film. I loved it but I don't miss it. I'd rather be shooting. This collection of still &video work is a mish-mash of work I've done for antique dealers, manufacturers, builders, small business, non-profits, and public speakers.

Brands I've Worked With

Partnership & Collaboration push creative work to its limits. If you would have told me when I started that I would have the opportunity to partner with so many talented and creative teams over the years I wouldn't have believed you. I can't discount luck in my career, nor could I deny that the best luck is made. Doing what it takes to make a project come together Is never easy. But it's what I expect of myself. It's what I expect of my clients.

Local - National - International

A prolific shooter, creative director, midwest native, natural traveler. If what you seek is comfort. You needn't go far to find it. But if what you seek is adventure. There is no road too long, no destination too far. I live to learn. and there's a lot of learning left to do.

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