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This is My Story

I started in photography school. Film darkroom the whole setup.  I find I like myself best when I’m solving problems. I moved into video to shape the stories I was telling. As I’ve grown I can see the challenges in logistics and technical obstacles keep me engaged with my work, searching for new answers and new questions.

As Facebook drove demand for video, what started with just me as a freelance shooter, quickly scaled into a ten person production company. Television networks and DP gigs, but for most of my work, I come back to a couple of questions. Who are you trying to reach?  What do you want to say?

Clients include the Creighten University, Discovery Channel, CBS, Animal Planet, Bellevue University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I still shoot everything I can. I love the camera. It is my home. My muse. My passion. 

As video becomes more and more common I’ve shifted my focus to what drives viewers to take the next step. What falls in front and behind our great content to inspire people to take action. Web development and SEO. I help companies build authority. “Tell their story”. Lead creative.
It’s a theme in my life. Taking action. Learning and applying  new skills to move the needle.

Dont be a stranger.

I’m not big on sales. I am big on helping people. If there’s anything I can do to help answer questions, inform you or just make life easier, please dont hesitate to ask. 

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