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Let’s face it the holidays are a frenzie at work with holiday parties, co-workers traveling and at home with the family, shopping with the public and last min light christmas light installations (guilty!). Just because you are a pro marketer doesn’t mean the holidays are not getting to you. So how to plan the perfect holiday campaigns in that rush for end of year business while juggling all the rest? Our friends over at Hubspot put out a great post reminding us to think about delighting through your holiday campaings with these 15 brilliant holiday marketing examples.  


Read on for 5 tips to keep yourself personally sane while staying merry & bright this holiday.



1.  Baby, its not too cold outside to enjoy some fresh air and boost your mood. Grab your coat and mittens and take a walk outside. “The rhythm and repetition of walking has a tranquilizing effect on your brain, and it decreases anxiety and improves sleep,” says nutrition-and-wellness expert Ann Kulze, MD.



2. Monster offeres tips for keep the holidays fun with great office holiday party do’s and don’t tips including- talk to someone new, you may find a new office ally or just a great friend.


3. Bring a colorful veggie tray to work to counter act the sugar comma from all the cookie platters. Eating veggies will boost your mood and keep you on your game.



4. Health.com suggests – stick to your normal routine. Don’t cut out your exercise, regualr meetings and responsibilites. Too much change will cause you to loose a natural tythm to your day.  Check out more tips to keep healthy 


5. Do something for others. Find a local charity taking donations and arrange an office mitten drive or volunteer together with a co-worker at a food pantry. When feeling stress its helpful to lend a hand to others, and bring things into perspective.