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ARRI Alexa Mini drone footage from Alien Cine on Vimeo.


Knowing when to jump onto the next thing and when not to is the name of the game. We took the jump into video when the 5D Mark II hit the scene. It wasn’t long before we had to find a “real” camera system and video work flow to take it up a notch. We are there once again and taking a look at the Arri Alexa and Alexa Mini.


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Jordan Green Productions was founded on technical innovation. We started in video production after going to school for traditional still photo – using real film and chemical processes, learning all aspects of traditional studio and darkroom photography. Then 5D Mark II came out Video production was forever changed and we were swept up right along with it.



We were based in photo but “Video Guys” where simply lost on the new cameras. Knowing how to use the DSLR’s we got started with small productions. Large sensor DSLR video had a number of new concerns the old cameras did not. But the DSLR also opened up the playing field for young fresh creatives to get into the video scene. JGP started early projects this way, gaining expereince with moving image, sound, story telling and running compelling interviews.


Now looking back it makes sense that as we quickly honed our skills we also moved away from the DSLR to a sony raw setup and workflow. Color grades for one thing are nearly impossible with DSLR footage. We are always seeking the best image quality we (and our clients) can afford. We moved to a Sony FS700 and Odessey 7Q by convergent design and shooting in raw formats. Night and day difference.



Now we are on to new technology once again, things never stay the same.


We have started researching into the next camera package to benefit our workflow and ultimatly out clients.  Taking a look at a few of the image tests out there with the Arri Amira and Arri Alexa Mini, its clear to see the efficiency and workflow benefits of a professional solution that’s not cobbled together from various parts and pieces.

We are still in the research phase here at JGP, but one thing is for sure. As technology changes and the high demand for good video marketing content continue to explode, we will always stay cutting edge.


Tell us your thoughts.


BMPC4K vs ARRI ALEXA  – from Olan Collardy on Vimeo.

ARRI Alexa Mini drone footage from Alien Cine on Vimeo.

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